Leverage IAM
for Cost Savings

Operational Efficiency

A key business driver for IAM is operational efficiency. The depth of technology available in IAM delivers opportunities for organizations to find significant cost savings.

Beyond the benefits IAM provides for organizational security and regulatory compliance, operational efficiency stands as third major area for IAM initiative justification. These cost saving and process improving IAM initiative opportunities assist organizations in either reducing help desk team efforts or improving workforce efficiencies. Every organization has its unique opportunities, below are some common and highly impactful IAM implementations GCA has performed to positively impact operational efficiencies.

Automated Provisioning 

Eliminate repetitive manual provisioning processes with automated provisioning.

Simplify Approval Workflows 

Cut out the paperwork, email trails. Simplify access approvals and improve auditability.

Regulatory Compliance Reporting

Reduce the overhead cost of collecting data to satisfy regulatory compliance reporting requirements. Leverage out of the box reports designed specifically for regulatory compliance.

Well-Documented Operating Processes

When IAM programs are well documented they are easier to operationally support, at GCA we make this a top priority.

Single Sign On

Simplify and secure access to resources.

Password Resets 

Enable self-service password reset processes to reduce help desk calls and down time.

Self-Service IAM Tools 

Create the IAM tools your organization needs to enable the workforce to do their job, get the resources they need, all while minimizing the reliance on the help desk.

Separation of Duty & Policy Monitoring

Configure business policies for automated detection of policy violations which can trigger alerts and automated workflows.

Access Reviews 

Cut out manual spreadsheet access review processes to simplify and automate the management of access reviews.

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