Defend Your Operations
From Hackers

The Manufacturing Industry’s Challenges

Highly Targeted
Industry for Cyberattacks

Supply Chain


High Impact When
Production is Delayed

The Numbers


Most targeted industry
for cybercrime.


To detect a data
breach on average.


Of attacks come
from employees.

How IAM Helps

Put simply, IAM is a framework of policies and technologies for ensuring that the proper people in an organization have the appropriate access to critical systems, processes, and data.

GCA understands that due to the nature of your organization, the majority of resources should be focused on providing world-class services and technologies to your customers. Now more than ever, identity is the tool to deliver value to your customers and workforce.

GCA Can Help You

Ensure Access.

Ensure the right
teams have
the right access.

 Secure Processes.

Ensure access is provided according to federal and organizational policy
while maximizing efficiency.

Deploy Solutions.

Provide secure
solutions to enable the business to
move at an increase speed.

Increase Value.

Maintain the delicate
balance between stringent access controls and ease of use.

“Very personable, extremely knowledgeable and easy to work it. I have worked with several inside engineering and account reps all which have been very professional and easy to work with. They have helped develop and IDM system for our organization connecting many disparate systems together …”

Enterprise Architect, Manufacturing on Gartner Peer Insights

Solve Challenges with Industry Experts

Whether you are a manufacturer that has yet to start its identity and access management journey or you are looking to further refine how your access is managed, GCA has the expertise to help you achieve your vision.
Book a 15-minute call with us to talk about our IAM solutions built for your industry.