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Password-Self Service

What is Password-Self Service?

Password Self Service is an Identity Management integration that allows your users to request a password reset directly through a web or application interface, rather than opening a ticket with your Helpdesk. The most essential element in a Password Self Service tool is the ability to ascertain the identity of the individual requesting that a user’s password be reset. This means that effective integration into the Identity Repository is essential so that the Password Self Service tool has access to the most current, most accurate user information available.

Why Is Password-Self Service Important?

A password reset request represents a single user who is unable to access a resource they need. These requests must be addressed within minutes for the user to remain productive, or they lose time. Helpdesk teams are typically tasked with prioritizing password resets above the majority of their tasks, so manually resetting passwords interrupts their ability to focus on issues that might otherwise be deemed more pressing. Password Self Service allows users to submit their reset request and reset their own password without requiring Helpdesk intervention, hastening the users ability to get back to work while also reducing the number of Helpdesk tickets.


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