Advanced Authentication Methods

What is Advanced Authentication Methods?

Advanced Authentication Methods are ways to confirm a user’s identity that go beyond a simple user ID and password by bringing in at least one more dimension of authentication, often called Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). In MFA, each factor falls into a separate category: what you know, what you have, and what you are.

  • What you know: this includes passwords, secret questions, previous addresses, hire dates, bank deposit information, etc.
  • What you have: this category includes items like RSA token fobs, cell phone SMS messages, software code generators, etc.
  • What you are: this is the biometric factor: fingerprints, retina prints, facial recognition, hand geometry, etc.

A user ID and password is considered a single factor authentication method. Other dimensions, or factors, for authentication bring additional security for higher criticality applications and data. In particular, two-factor authentication is the most common method of Advanced Authentication in use today, although there are systems that require more factors.

Why Are Advanced Authentication Methods Important?

For your most critical systems, Advanced Authentication methods may be required. Our team of expert consultants can help you prioritize and identify the systems that require Advanced Authentication, and guide you to the types of Advanced Authentication that best meet your organization’s needs, culture and environment.


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