Simplify Temporary
Access Management

by | Jan 26, 2022

Simplify Temporary Access Management

Add time bounds to application access and make it easy for users to extend their temporary access as needed.

Current Situation: There are two ways to obtain application access at this organization. The first is to have it assigned via the roles which are automatically assigned based on an identity’s job position, location, and facility. The second approach is exception-based access. Here any user can request access, and when it is approved and provisioned, a time-bound is added. When this time threshold hits IDM automatically removes the access.

Impact: In practice, this exception-based access frequently required extensions.

Resolution: To simplify the experience for end-users, GCA enhanced the IDM exception access process to include additional features. Based on the organization’s time thresholds, end-users would receive email notifications alerting them to the expiring access. A link to MicroFocus Identity Management User Application was included in this email, where they could access a workflow to request an access extension.

Business Outcomes