Zero Trust Implementation:
The First Step

by | Sep 21, 2021

What is Zero Trust?

Zero Trust is the idea of a framework that is built around the premise of continuous validation: always questioning who someone is and what they want to do. In a zero trust model, you assume every user is guilty until proven innocent. (Or, rather, everyone is a cybercriminal until we can prove they’re not.)

There are two concepts that are integral to understanding zero trust:
Assumed Breach and Protect Surface.

Assumed Breach

The reality is hackers have probably already infiltrated your systems. No matter how layered your security is, there are millions of bad actors trying to get in. In IT, you should always assume bad actors have some access
to your systems.

Protect Surface

Your protect surface is your most valuable asset. If you assume breach, you need to identify what assets are your priority. That way, you can create a micro perimeter that segments users and only allows in people who have been validated


The First Step: Assessment

An assessment only takes 20 minutes to complete, but it is the essential first step every organization should take when considering a zero trust implementation.
An assessment will help you better understand where your organization stands in its zero trust journey and have clarity on moving forward from your current state. It can help you identify your protect surface, existing micro perimeters, your level of assumed breach and more.

In a typical assessment, you will answer a few detailed questions and receive a report with customized recommendations and vulnerabilities to get you started.

Why Are Assessments Important?

Implementing a zero trust solution cannot be done overnight; instead, it is a journey that takes time and planning. A significant challenge for organizations is obtaining the proper buy-in for zero trust initiatives and effectively communicating the criticality of these initiatives. This is where the zero trust assessment comes in.

The best zero trust assessments use real-world examples from other organizations like yours as well as industry standards. Exploring an approach that another organization used is multiple times more powerful than a by-the-book type solution. It’s human nature to want to be part of a community and learn from others. We all individually seek the best results for organizations, and frequently those results come from learning how others approached similar problems.

CyberRes and GCA’s Free Assessment


CyberRes and GCA offer a free zero trust assessment. Our assessment provides insight into:

  • How other organizations are tackling zero trust challenges
  • How IAM influences zero trust
  • Modern enterprise security
  • How your organization stacks up
  • And more

After answering 25 questions, IAM experts at CyberRes and GCA will take your responses and create a report. Don’t wait. Take the first step to a successful zero trust implementation today.

GCA Can Help You Get Started

GCA specializes in helping organizations manage and secure their identities. We’re experts in identity governance. If you’re having trouble conducting access reviews or you keep digging up dirty data, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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