What to Look for In Reliable IAM Professional Services

by | Sep 29, 2021

In the event of an incident, you need to know your IAM provider will be here for you. If a crisis occurs at your organization, executives will be clamoring for answers. Your IAM provider needs to be able to resolve the incident quickly while providing constant communication.

Let’s talk about the four most important traits you should look for in reliable IAM professional services.

IAM Expertise

In order to respond to incidents, your provider needs to have outstanding IAM expertise. Many service providers try to “do it all.” While that doesn’t always mean that they lack IAM expertise, it’s better to work with a company that focuses specifically on IAM.

Companies that specialize in identity and access management have the critical expertise required to resolve IAM incidents as quickly as possible.


Being left in the dark during a crisis is not an option. You need to be able to get quick and consistent progress updates so you can communicate back to executives and other stakeholders. If your provider often operates with little communication, how can you trust them to keep you updated in a high-pressure situation?

Look for providers that publish free resources like blogs and videos. Resources like these can be a good indicator that the company shares its expertise and doesn’t try to do everything behind the scenes.

Relationship-Based Service

In a crisis, you don’t want to call a help desk or be left on hold. You want to reach out to the person you work with every day, who you know and trust. Look for providers who prioritize personal service and high-quality customer experiences.

Your provider shouldn’t just be a provider. The team of experts you work with should come alongside you as a partner. If you see a new face every time you interact with your partner, it may be time to consider working with someone else.

Proof Points

Your IAM partner should be able to provide extensive proof points that describe their IAM abilities. Some things to ask for include:

If a provider you are considering working with doesn’t have the documentation to prove their expertise, they may lack the transparency you need to rely on them in an emergency.


At GCA, we are our client’s trusted partners. In times of crisis, we work hard to ensure they can rely on us to resolve any incidents quickly. Our top resources react fast in high-pressure situations and we keep an open line of communication with key stakeholders to keep them aware of progress.
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