How Identity Managed Services Benefits Your Business

by | Mar 18, 2022

Access management poses the greatest risk of employee downtime. When users can’t access the resources they need to perform their jobs, your bottom line suffers. This is a key reason why identity managed services are so crucial to success.

Responding to Incidents

A key challenge in IAM is whether your organization needs off-hours, weekend, or holiday support. In most IAM and PAM instances, the resolution of issues can wait. There are typically workarounds that can be used in the interim.

Access management, on the other hand, rarely allows workarounds. It is common practice to only allow access to resources (like SalesForce, for example) through the access management or SSO tool. This means there might not be a workaround plan for the sales team to get into SalesForce, which inhibits their ability to perform their job. This is something that would require a timely response.

In-House Experts Take Vacation, Too

The good news is that access management issues are typically quick to resolve by technology experts. The list of possible issues is short. When equipped with the right knowledge they can be resolved in moments.

The bad news is that when your in-house expert is on vacation in the Bahamas for a week, that 30-minute fix could take a week to resolve.

The Benefits of Outsourcing

24/7 Monitoring and Response

When an access management program is supported by a 24/7 identity managed services operation, it’s easy to find the middle ground between security and workforce efficiency. The best-in-class technologies can be leveraged to provide necessary security and application access. With managed services, uptime can be basically guaranteed.

Technology Updates

Another key feature of managed services is that your organization will effectively stay up to date with the features as they are released from a vendor. Typically, an organization’s access management team is assigned a multitude of other tasks and learning about the latest features and enhancements can quickly drop in priority.

With managed services, organizations have a team of experts continually evaluating vendor updates and who can make recommendations. Security at the point of access management is not an area to skimp out on.

Full Access Management Services

GCA ultimately helps deploy solutions like access management by walking the entire path from assessment to implementation to managed services. Regardless of where your organization is on this journey, GCA can step in at any point and keep the momentum driving forward.

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