RPG IV Programming Intermediate Workshop for IBM i - ILO (OV700)

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Note: This is an Instructor Led Offering (ILO). It is an Internet based class with a live instructor, so please do not make travel arrangements. After you receive confirmation that you are enrolled, you will be sent further instructions on how to access audio, video, and remote labs.

In this course programmers, who can write basic RPG IV programs using the System i RPG IV compiler (Version 6), learn additional skills and techniques.

Get a comprehensive exposure to intermediate features and functions of RPG IV for Version 6.

This is the second in a series of three courses in the System i curriculum for programmers who are new to RPG IV. The series includes:

  • RPG IV Programming Fundamentals Workshop for System i (AS060) (OV600)
  • RPGIV Programming ¬†Intermediate Workshop for System i (AS070) (OV700)
  • RPG IV Programming Advanced Workshop for System i (AS100) (OV100)

AS100 enhances your skills in developing applications using the RPG IV language after you have completed this course.

Skills Gained

  • Managing display record formats
  • Using arrays
  • Using data structures and data areas
  • Using subfile displays
  • Managing exceptions and handling errors
  • Processing date and time data
  • Prototyped calls
  • Using subprocedures
  • Introduction to ILE
  • What is next?

Who Can Benefit

This intermediate course is for:

Programmers who are new to RPG IV. This course is not designed for RPG III programmers who want RPG IV.

Before even considering this course, RPG III programmers should complete:

  • Moving from RPG/400 to System i RPG IV (OE850)

RPG III programmers should review the agenda carefully before they make a decision to attend this class.


The term RPG/400 refers to both System/38 RPG as well as iSeries (AS/400) RPG/400 (also known as RPG III).


You must complete:

  • Intro to System i for New Users (OE980)
  • System i Application Programming Facilities Workshop (OL490)
  • RPG IV Programming Fundamentals Workshop for System i (AS060)
  • or have equivalent experience.

You should be able to:

  • Use a Windows based PC
  • Run PC applications using menus, icons, and tool bars

Learn the following skills in System i Application Programming Facilities Workshop (OL490)

  • Use basic IBM i navigation tools
  • Use and prompt Control Language (CL) commands
  • Use online Help
  • Manage output using WRKSPLF and related commands
  • Perform basic problem determination using DSPMSG and DSPJOB commands
  • Use and display System i print queues
  • Use basic CL commands such as WRKJOB and DSPMSG
  • Use Program Development Manager/Source Entry Utility or Remote Systems Explorer (RSE)/LPEX Editor to create and maintain RPG IV source members
  • Create and maintain physical and logical files

Learn the following skills in RPG IV Programming Fundamentals Workshop (AS060):

  • Write simple RPG IV Version 6 programs to produce reports
  • Write simple RPG IV Version 6 inquiry programs that interact with displays
  • Use the editor to enter and modify source programs and compile RPG IV programs
  • Review the compilation listing, find and correct compilation errors
  • Maintain existing applications written in the RPG IV (Version 6) language
  • Use the Debugger tool to determine the cause of incorrect results
  • Use many popular RPG IV Built in Functions

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